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Fowl de Cochon

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Turducken not enough for your gathering? Take it to another level with the Fowl de Cochon - a.k.a the Pig Turducken! A boneless pig stuffed with a Turducken (Boneless, Turkey, Duck, Chicken and Cajun Sausage) and loads of our famous Cornbread Dressing. Averages 50-60 lbs and feeds approximately 75 people.  The dimensions of the Fowl de Cochon measure approximately 36" in length and 12" around. This is larger than conventional home ovens.

Cooking a Pig



1.       Pig

2.       6-8 bags of Lump charcoal(Lump works best because it does not produce as much ash as briquettes)

3.       1 Cajun Microwave made in Breaux Bridge Louisiana

4.       Several knives(Carving knives and something that will cut the legs off if pig won’t fit in the box)

5.       Saw horses

6.       Oven mittens that go all the way to your elbows( two pairs)

7.       Yourself plus two helpers(preferably people from South Louisiana)

a.       If they are Alabama Fans(Gabe) they really won’t be good for much except getting your beer??

8.       Iron yard rake




1.       Light a fire with approx two large bags of Lump charcoal on the lid of the Cajun Microwave.

a.       Do this first so that when you have the pig secured the box is nice and hot already

2.       Secure the pig in the “Pig Flipper”

a.       Put the Pig into the Flipper with the ribs pointing down

b.       Put the removable rods across the pigs back.  You might need to use a coat hanger to secure the removable rods

c.        Make sure there is plenty of tension across the pigs back because as he shrinks you want him to remain pinned down

3.       Remove the lid from the Microwave and place on Saw horses

4.       Drop the pig into the Microwave with the ribs pointing up!!!

a.       Always cook the pig ribs up initially.  It’s very hard to burn the pig cooking it through the ribs

5.       Cook pig for approx 4 hours with the ribs up

a.       Every hour or so take a look to make sure its not burning.  If you have a spot that is getting too dark, place a piece of foil over that area.

b.       Don’t completely remove the lid whenever you want to check for burning because you will lose too much heat( If you’re lookin u aint cookin!!!!)

c.        Let someone hold up one side while you look inside for “hot spots’ on the pig.  You made need a flashlight?

6.       Remove the lid and place it on the saw horses

7.       Pull out the pig and set it on a flat surface with Ribs pointing down!!(Don’t put it on the ground unless you want to eat the dirt that will stick to it)

8.       Put the lid back on the microwave so that you don’t lose too much heat

9.       Remove the “removable rods that run across the pigs back

10.    Using a sharp razor knife slice the pigs back skin in a checker board pattern(1-2 inch squares)

11.    Season the back heavily using the World Famous Cajun Specialty Seasoning

12.    Remove the lid and place it back on the saw horses

13.    Drop the pig into the microwave with ribs pointing down

14.    Put the lid back on the microwave

15.    Cook the pig back up for 1 – 2 hours

a.       Check the pig approx every 30 minutes for burning

b.       You want the skin to medium to dark brown and bubbling. 

16.    When the pig is ready to carve:

a.       You can use the two long removable rods to suspend the pig flipper over the box

b.       This will allow you to carve the pig and have everything fall down into the box


*****Always remember to remove the thermometer before you move the pig flipper*****

*****I use the rake if I feel like too much ash is building up and I can get the temp up.  Pull all of your coals to one side and shovel the remaining ash onto the ground.  Spread the hot coals evenly over the lid*****